Red Deer Ladies Fastball Association
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Rules and Regulations







One division, standings to be calculated by points as follows.  Win= 2 points, Tie= 1 point, Loss= 0 points each.


League stats are kept by our website.  The winning team is responsible for phoning in the score to the Advocate and radio stations within 24 hours of game time.   If the winning team fails to report the score, then you will not receive your 2 points.  Please remember to leave the sponsor and team names of both teams to ensure good advertising. Please email the scores to as well so they can be posted on our website.




All regular season games to be played on Tuesday and Thursdays. Games to commence on May 1 and up to and including July 5.  All games will begin at 7 and 8:45 p.m.  The rainout week is July 9-13.  All rain out games must be completed by July 15.  Please try to make rain out games throughout the season by having double headers and not leaving them all until the end of the season.  All games and scores must be completed and entered by July 15




The top four teams will advance to play-offs during July 17-19. Team 1 will play Team 4 and Team 2 will play Team 3 in the best of three game series.  The winners from week one will advance to the second week of play-offs in another best of three series on July 24, 25.  If the games cannot be completed because of weather conditions, the prize money will be carried over to the next season.  There is to be no changing the weeks of play-offs.




Home team is responsible for canceling umpires by 4:30/5:00for rain out games.  Please do not cancel games before this time.   If Great Chief Park closes because of weather conditions, the league executive will notify all teams involved.  If the game is not cancelled by this time because of weather, both teams MUST show up at the scheduled time and diamond.  The umpire will then decide if the weather poses a risk for injury.  If one team only shows up, they will receive the win.







***** The league will follow theCanadasoftball rule book with the exception of:


Unlimited re-entry; a player can enter and exit the game as many times as they wish, so long as they stay in the same batting order (only for league play, not play-offs)


*Teams must use line-up cards that are supplied by the league.


*Metal cleats allowed, no jewelery to be worn by any player.


*Players must be on their team’s rosters to be eligible for play-offs.


*The Optic 177 Spalding Ball, high seam, will be the official ball.  Home team is to supply one new and a few used balls for the game.


*Pitching distance to remain at 43 feet.


*Time limit on games is 1.5 hours.


*All diamonds must be groomed and lined. (foul lines, batters box)


*Any player who is pregnant during the 2018 season may play but must obtain a doctor’s note allowing them to play.  This must be presented to the league executive.


*ZERO abuse tolerance- absolutely zero tolerance to any player, coach, manager against the umpires or any person in the league.  Game/league suspensions will be dealt with by the league executive and those not involved.


*Teams using Great Chief Park as their home diamond will be fine $50 per occurrence if they fail to show up for their volunteer shifts during our May tournament or provincials (if we host).





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